DAM Medical


Professional Practices Program

The Professional Practices Program involves strategies to assist small businesses with buying a building for their business.  By teaming with seasoned professionals businesses from Doctors to Dentists, CPAs to Attorneys can purchase a valuable asset with very little money down. The team of professionals that help accomplish this task are Commercial Real Estate experts well versed in the needs of small business and the management of the types of buildings and spaces that small businesses need to thrive and flourish, coupled with financing experts that have the loan programs to pull it all together!

Owning Better Than Leasing?

Many professional practices are finding that it is  beneficial to their business to buy a building rather than leasing it. The cost to purchase a building and the cost of ownership can be surprisingly low, sometimes less than renting! To find out if owning will cost less than renting for your firm email us or call us at 404-819-4511. A professional will answer all your questions.

”  For some businesses owning a building can cost less than renting!  “